Welcoming Baby at The Wedding Promise

Baby naming and blessing ceremonies to celebrate your new bundle of joy!

The arrival of a new baby or child is one of the most exciting events in a family's life. Many parents want to celebrate this occasion in a special, memorable way, although feel at a loss as a traditional religious ceremony just isn't for them.

Up until fairly recently, the only way to celebrate this rite of passage was in a place of worship, and there wasn't much alternative. But since the growing popularity of non-denominational spiritual and civil weddings, people have started to think about something similar for babies and children. Now you can hold a meaningful and special baby dedication (spiritual) or naming ceremony (civil) in your own home, garden or venue of your choice. Moreover, the ceremony will be designed by you with the assistance of the officiant who can lead the ceremony and help you plan readings, poems, rituals and more!

Many parents want to bring their closest friends and family together to celebrate. And having a baby dedication or naming ceremony is the perfect opportunity to seize this chance and celebrate your new arrival! You can give the event a sense of ritual and ceremony by including readings, poems and asking family and friends to contribute in some way. It’s an opportunity to stand up in front of your favorite people and tell them that you plan to be the very best parents you can and ask them to help you in achieving this goal.

And, your new child will get to know very early on in his or her life that he or she is part of a wider community, who love and care for them.

It would be my pleasure to help you explore your intentions and vision for your child, and design a ceremony that reflects your values and goals.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about the types of Baby Dedications and Baby Naming ceremonies that can be performed as well as rituals and commemorative ways to celebrate your child!

baby in ceremonial flowers